The Issues


I believe that life begins at conception.  The unborn are human beings deserving rights and protections.

Second Amendment

The right to defend yourself is enshrined in the US Constitution.  Our rights to keep firearms shall not be infringed by national or local government.

Pension Reform

The State of Illinois is facing the biggest pension crisis out of the fifty states.  I have pledged to refuse the legislative pension and believe that we need urgent reform to protect taxpayers and pensioners alike.

Term Limits

I pledge to fight for term limits and will term limit myself to ten years as a state representative.


Illinois has an outmigration problem with taxpayers fleeing the state.  Illinois legislators have refused to responsibly debate and pass a balanced budget for decades.  I oppose tax increases.


The 109th district produces oil and coal that help invigorate our local and state economy.  The overburdensome regulations by Chicago politicians need to come to an end.  Energy producers need the freedom to responsibly extract the natural resources in our region.


Big tech continues to invade the privacy of the average citizen.  As your representative, I will fight to ensure that your personal data is protected.