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Cory Musgrave Announces Run for State Representative in the 109th District

Musgrave running to lower taxes, create jobs, protect the unborn, and preserve 2nd Amendment rights

For Immediate Release: July 11, 2019 

Geff, IL – Citing his commitment to the sanctity of human life, the 2nd Amendment and his opposition to tax increases, Cory Musgrave today is officially announcing his intention to run for State Representative in the 109th District.

“Illinois is financially and morally bankrupt,” Musgrave said. “This past spring, the Democrat-controlled Legislature approved the most extreme pro-abortion legislation of any state in the country. The Governor and his allies in the House and the Senate are working overtime to make Illinois into the California of the Midwest. As State Representative in the 109th District, I will fight to restore common-sense conservative values at the state level.”

Musgrave was born in Fairfield, IL and is a graduate of Fairfield Community High School. He is a Frontier Community College graduate and he also attended Southwest Assembly of God University. He is currently enrolled at Trinity Bible College and Graduate School in a Master of Arts in Rural Ministries program. He currently serves senior Pastor at New Beginnings Church in Fairfield.

State Representative Darren Bailey, who is now running for the Illinois State Senate, is endorsing Musgrave.

“We don’t need a place holder representing us in Springfield,” Bailey said. “What we need is someone who is going to lead and going to represent our values. Cory Musgrave is the leader we need. I am looking forward to working with Cory in Springfield.”

Musgrave is pro-life. He supports the 2nd Amendment. He opposes tax increases and he will oppose the radical environmental policies that are hurting the oil and gas industry in Southeast Illinois. 

“Voters in the 109th District can rest assured that I will not bend when it comes to my core principles and values,” Musgrave said. “I will be true to my convictions. My principles are not currency to be abandoned for the highest campaign contributor.”

Musgrave grew up working in the family-owned business, the Musgrave Autobody Repair Shop in Fairfield.

“I know the challenges small business owners face in this state because I lived it with my family for many years,” Musgrave said. “The tax increases, the $15 minimum wage law coupled with the lack of any business reforms have made it tough for businesses to survive in Illinois. As a result, Illinois continues to lose population. We are likely losing at least one – possibly two – Congressional seats in the upcoming Census. The Democrat majority’s addiction to high taxes, over regulation and out-of-control spending at the State level are wrecking our state. We must change course if we have any hope of restoring Illinois.”

Musgrave currently serves as the President of Geff School District 14. He also is the President of the Fairfield Ministerial Alliance. He has recently worked with the Wayne County Opioid Coalition to help combat addiction in our community. He and his wife Jana have five children, two of whom were adopted from China.

Musgrave is running as Republican. The Primary Election is March 17, 2020.